Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept

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This might just be the best looking Subaru of all time.

I really like Subaru, but their latest designs are pretty horrible. Especially the 2010 Outback.
They need something like this, or even something that looks 10% as good as this.
And finally, a front end that is pretty original and works on the rest of the design.
Something they haven’t done in years.

So there is a bit of hope…

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  1. Wow, look at that Audi-Acura-Lexus-Genesis! Even though this is what I see, I don't think it looks bad at all (and my feelings aren't a by-product of Aztek/5SeriesGT Syndrome).

  2. Holy Cow! Most surprising/impressive design I have seen in a very long time. I hope they produce something close to this. Even if its not a hybrid version.

  3. Subaru should produce this ASAP, Front traditional hinged doors and standard gas engine would be great seller. I like the new Outback design as more crossover rather than wagon.A bit more masculine or butch for Subaru ;D

  4. I dare subie to bring this to market ! put some normal doors on it and DONT change anything else and it will sell like water on a 104 degree day !

  5. What I wonder is, why wasn't this in Frankfurt…? They had the new Legacy and Outback as the supposedly big stars of their stand, but this would have made a much bigger and better impression!

  6. Wow, so now we know that Subaru does have some talented designers or at least one anyway! I have watched this brand for years hoping for a good design for what I know is a very good car. Subaru, get rid of that dog that is the current Outback and make this real. Don't blow it!

  7. beautiful hexagonal Hyundai grill (that's where those copying Koreans took it from!), Renault Vel Satis profile (A pillar especially), and taillights taken off Alfa Brera…
    Subaru turns mainstream which is still better than ugly.

  8. Yes, this is stunning.

    Nice to know only the Japanese get any credit for things related to cars these days.

  9. Awesome. Sharp design, Subaru underpinnings…sure sell. What's wrong with utility and dead-sexy looks too Subaru???

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