Porsche Panamera Coupe

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It would just be like a new 928. A Panamera based 4 seater coupe.
And a way to use the platform for more than one model.  VW is even talking of using the platform for a high end VW model down the line.

Who knows…

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  1. I am really diggin the fastback roofline, but I guess anything is better than the hump on the back of the Panamera sedan.

  2. This is very Jaguar XK-ish. The rendering is sweet though! The roofline isn't Porsche-like but it will work.

  3. 928s are awesome. But, like the 3rd comment, I'm not diggin the "Hyundai-esque" side scoop. 10 years ago, it would have looked awesome…now it just cheapens a high end car if not done right. Otherwise…ME LIKE!!

  4. call me a porsche purist, but i still think that when you go to a porsche dealer to buy a porsche, the only choice you have to make should be what colour you would like. and maybe if you'd like a cabriolet/targa version

    but ever since the cayenne, it has become apparent that porsche is more concerned with making money than staying true to itself. no wonder it's the world's most profitable automaker

  5. Does not look like it has any Porsche DNA styling abeit not seeing the front here. Too English looking … Jag or Aston Martin here.

  6. If I haven't seen the title, I would have guess it is more like a Jag than your normally Porsche derriere.

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