2010 Buick Excelle

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The “old” Excelle for the Chinese market was just a Buick version of the Daewoo Nubira.
This new one is based on the Opel Astra.
And it’s pretty much the same car, with a chrome grille.

The sedan is a version we are supposed to be getting in the US within the next couple of years.
But they could also bring us the hatch.

A nice looking car, no matter what badge is on it…

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  1. It may take a couple of years, but I think Buick is really going to come on strong in the US market. Glad to see it too. I used to have a 76 Buick Skyhawk-S hatchback with V6 and 4-speed manual. I loved that car. I hated it when Buick turned 'old'.

  2. I don't get it. Kill the damn Buick brand in the U.S. and make this the Cruze (or better yet, use another name that doesn't suck.)

  3. I agree a very nice car. But I'm not so sure it'll sell well here in the USA. I'm not sure higher end small cars sell well at all in the USA. If somebody here is looking for a small car, they are probably on a limited budget and therefore would probably get a similar car with a Chevy name on it instead for a lower price. That's ONE of the many reasons that Ford did'nt want to bring the nice Euro Focus here. Ford did'nt want to try to sell a more expensive small car that they would'nt make much money on. They kept the cheaper Focus here for more profit margin (as slim as it was).

  4. What's with all the overpriced mini cars? First Mercedes A & B class; then BMW 1 & 2 series; Lexus IS; and now Buick! Who in the world would spend Luxo car money on something half your friends can't even FIT in? Let alone be safe or comfortable? Mabey it's for the Chinese market, where the average adult male is under 5' tall.

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