2011 BMW 6 series convertible video

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It will no doubt be a really good looking car.
I still like the current version a lot. Even with the big trunk.
If the new Z4 is any indication, the next 6 should be pretty impressive.

It seems that BMW has chosen to keep a canvas top for the convertible version. Or not?
It could just be a piece of camouflage.

Who knows…

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  1. That's definitely a soft-top on the car – the backlight just has some cammo-on it to make it look smaller for some reason. I suspect though that this is a viral video made by BMW themselves… far too much footage in too many locations of the same car and driver to be co-incidence. And what was that other cammo'd car in the right lane in front of the bus? A refresh of the next 3 series????

  2. Can't wait to see how much they de-Bangle(d) the 6-series. Anyone else noticed the other car @ 1:20 with the back end also in camo that was in front of the bus? What's that car?

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