L.A Auto Show. Cadillac for 2010

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These 2 versions of the CTS are quite stunning in person.
I just have to say that I was really impressed by both cars.

The new wagon looks great.
Cadillac now offers a full line up for the CTS (except a convertible).
One of the few US made cars that can really compete with Japanese luxury brands.

I do not include Mercedes or BMW.
Most people who buy these cars won’t even look at anything else, no matter how good it is.

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  1. i drove by the new wagon near our house the other night, and the rear lights look very cool, bright and distinctive. neat car.

  2. The Mercedes or BMW intenders are cutting off thier nose to spite thier face if they won't look at these cars. I haven't seen the coupe in person, but I have seen the wagon and I'd much rather have it than the E class wagon, and the spy pics of the new 5 series wagon look very plain also. These cars are winners in every respect! Plus, they will both be offered in V series spec!

  3. "One of the few US made cars that can really compete with Japanese luxury brands?????"


  4. I hate the wagon, love the coupe.

    I just can't get over the styling and size of the sedan though.

    Not a fan.

  5. "Unfortunately, they've already announced there will be no convertible version of the CTS…"

    The guys at GM have been known to change their minds from time-to-time. The coupe would make an easy foundation for a convertible. Looks really nice. The SLR is supposed to be the Cadillac flagship, but is just an embarrassment to the lineup… along with the DTS. I say get rid of both completely, develop a new full sized sedan and chop the roof off of this!

  6. Was it one of the morons who were recently fired, Vince? Maybe the next group of executive screwballs will build a convertible.

  7. The hindquarters of the coupe look awful to me.

    All that sheet metal makes the rear wheels look tiny. Is the car really as squat and dumpy as it looks in the pics?

    It doesn't look sleek and sexy, just heavy. To me it's everything a coupe shouldn't look like.

  8. "I'd still rather have an E Class over the CTS."

    I have a feeling that you'll be able to get a good deal on the E Class. The S5 is going to continue to trounce it.

  9. "I'd still rather have an E Class over the CTS."

    –I totally disagree. But is Mercedes 2nd biggest sedan really a comparison for Cadillac's smallest & least expensive?


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