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So it looks like there will be a redesigned Azera after all.
At least in some markets.
The new model will have the quite uncomfortable position of being squeezed in between the new, and larger, Sonata and the Genesis.
Not sure what they are thinking.

Sure, Toyota has the Avalon and the Lexus GS. Nissan has the Maxima and the Infiniti G37. But these are sold under different brands. Hyundai sells everything under one roof.
And it’s not like the Azera has been a hit, at least in the US. I can count on one hand the ones I’ve seen around.

On the other hand, I saw a 2008 Limited model with 5000 miles on CarMax for about $19 000.
Quite a deal for a car that still has 4 years on the main warranty.

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  1. This looks like it would compete with the Lexus ES (perhaps because it looks just like the Lexus). So, Toyota has proven that it is possible to sell cars in every class and Hyundai/Kia can do it too.

  2. i think there will always be a customer for a large front wheel drive sedan, like the Azera, and there will also always be buyers for a large rear wheel drive sedan, like the Genesis. i think they can both coexist. it's very interesting Hyundai is embracing both drivetrains. this Azera looks stunning.

  3. Some comments:

    First: the car in the picture looks awesome. A beautiful profile, looks a lot more upscale than the current one. Then, it is a good move.

    Second: I believe there is still room for this car in the Hyundai line up. This car will fit nicely between the new Sonata and the Genesis. The Sonata will be a nice vehicle but only available with a 2.0L or 2.4L GDI. The Genesis comes with 3.8 and 4.6L engines and it is a RWD Luxury vehicle. Then, the Azera will cover that market niche of people that don't want (or don't understand) the performance of a RWD car and neither they want the "basic" Sonata. If priced right and appointed with the right stuff (which usually Hyundai know very well how to do it) it will sell.

    3. You tend to forget that Hyundai is a global brand. Probably the reach of Hyundai is a lot wider than most American Companies (by the way, how many of these are left?) and even Hyundai is becoming a dominant brand in the new and more important emerging markets (China, India, Brazil, East Europe, Turkey). Then, the success of the Azera will be measured not by what you believe will be sold in the USA but for what are the global prospects of this model. How many Avalons, Buicks, Altimas are sold world wide? i think Hyundai know well what they are doing.

  4. Vince, I usually don't agree in with most of the comments you post, but I have to agree with you on this one.

    Yes, the Azera sells best in Asia and the Middle East but it has never caught on here in the U.S. for the very reason that you cited; This is too close to the Sonata and does not offer that many exclusive features to justify the higher $3k premium over a fully loaded Sonata.

    Yep, until it does, this car is pointless.

  5. That is a good deal for that used 08 Azera. And from Carmax no less. Pricewise Carmax usually like to give it to ya right square in the pooper. But this is a good deal.

  6. Vince you got it all wrong again. Customers will not compare the new Azera against the Sonata or Genesis, but rather against other mid size sedans of Detroit and Japan.

  7. To the last poster: Buick is the best-selling brand in the now largest car market in the world:China!

  8. Anyone who buys a vehicle at a CarMax needs to be shot dead immediately.

    They sell crap cars that are in TERRIBLE shape for about $3,000 too much on average.

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