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Something you don’t see every day…

Cadillac by Warner Brothers Studios…

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  1. I think that's cool Vince. But maybe a little scary. Are 'we' seeing a ghost car? Has an old Hollywood 'great' come back to life?

  2. wow, a 1957 Eldorado Seville coupe, very rare! i've seen the convertibles before, but never the coupe. good catch!

    when i lived in LA in '79-'80, i couldn't believe the amount of rust-free older cars in driveways and under carports. coming from the east coast, where we had cars that rusted out in 4-5 years, i would walk around for hours just finding cool cars in yards and on the streets. i miss those days!

  3. Exhaust integrated into the bumper & bumpers integrated into the body. A level of class & style that made these American cars "The Standard of the World" Architecture so perfect it could only come from Detroit.

  4. I have a friend that has an late 50's Caddy parked in a barn near where I live. too bad it is just sitting there rotting away.

  5. late 1950s Cadillacs are capable of as much as 15 mpg IN THE CITY, and 18-20 on the highway. they used 368 ci engines later enlarged to 390, then 429, weighed around 4000- 4200lbs and were very well-engineered for the time, with engine and overall weight and gearing perfectly matched for optimum performance/economy. they're awesome road machines, capable of long distances with maximum comfort and reliability. the true gas guzzlers came along in the 60s. my '68 Sedan deVille, with a 472 and a weight of about 5000lbs would only do 7-8mpg around town and 12-14 on the highway. by then, it was just power and size, although of course, comfort was a priority too.

    great cars, all of 'em. Truly the Standard of the World.

  6. It's a pity that these cool cars are so rarely seen on the road today.

    Perhaps the only country in the world where "Detroit Iron" still dominates the automotive landscape is Cuba, but also there things are changing recently.

    Here's a blog about car culture in Cuba: https://cubanclassics.blogspot.com/

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