2011 Mazda2 for the US

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Finally a picture of the US version’s interior. (top photo)

Which at first looks the same, but it also different. Dials, controls and right side of the dash.
A bit simpler and not as fancy as the Euro version maybe…
Still. A welcome addition to Mazda’s US line up

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  1. Very nice interior, especially for an entry level car. Mazda does it again. But, is that a happy face with a red nose at the top of the stack on the US version?

  2. Vince, the US interior is supposed to be nicer than the European version. I still think it looks like crap.

    Who would buy this over the Fiesta?

  3. It looks kind of plasticy compared to the Fiesta and Aveo that it will compete with. Nice looking, though.

  4. If Mazda is smart, they'll have this be the base version and bring over the 2 Sport with all the amenities as a more expensive offering. Small cars are becoming more popular not just because gas is expensive, but because small cars now are offering more.

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