2012 compact Buick Sedan

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It will be called the Buick Excelle in China, replacing an existing model there, based on an old Daewoo.

The new one is the sedan version of the Opel Astra. And we are getting it soon after.
These are the best pictures of it so far.
The only difference between the Chinese and US version is the chrome trim around the side windows for the US. (Or maybe this is a sporty “blacked out ” version)
The front end of the sedan is actually quite different from the hatchback version that has been on sale in China for a few months.
The hatch is pretty much a straight Astra with a Buick grille.
The sedan front matches more the larger Regal.
This is really a new beginning for Buick in the US.
First interesting mid sised sedans, then a truly modern compact…
What’s next….

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  1. Interesting rear lamp and chrome treatment, creating a wider appearance. Don't love it, but it's interesting.

    That interior had better be world class if GM expects to sell any of these outside of China. From the picture, I have doubts.

    And what will the U.S. version be called? A name from the past such as Manta, Skylark, Somerset, Opollo, Century? How about Cimarron? 😉

  2. Except for the grille and taillight treatment, this thing has a more than passing resemblance to a current gen Hyundai Elantra.

  3. i think the new Lacrosse-type grille is good looking even on a smaller car like this. I really like the rear taillights and chrome spears above them. Interior looks great.

  4. I like it better than the Cruze. Needs nav standard and some other upscale nick-nacks, since it's supposed to be a "luxury" brand and all. Ditch the wing. Looks like it came off of a 93 Corolla.

  5. i think its great they are revamping their lineup, but i dont find this car amazing. it looks a little chunky for a luxury compact, comparing it to lexus, bmw, and mercedes. And from the looks of the interior, too much like a chevrolet

  6. The red sedan looks too much like the Hyundai Elantra which is a bit dorky in my view.
    Can't Buick do better than that?

  7. This car is a bit homely. It would not enhance Buick's brand image here. FWD I assume? Very much like a Corolla and not right for Buick in the US right now.

  8. I think this car is a huge mistake towards Buick's new lease on brand identity. It looks exactly like what it is, a gussied up Cruze!

  9. I actually like it. It's not for me personally – but I wouldn't be ashamed to drive one.

    It'll be interesting to see what marketing support behind this will do for sales…versus, say, the Saturn version of this car.

  10. It's O:K. Certainly as good as (if not better than) similar Lexus or Acura or Hyundai models– But none of these are up to the 3-series BMW or Volvo V60.

  11. what planer are you from where you can even compare all these car s tof=gether the buick was made a t a time when bmw w w as not even thinking a of making cars yet a n and the orien t was making nothing when buick was a lready a great car

  12. Douche…if that's the case – why are BMW's that much better then Buicks?

    And – if it weren't for China – Buick would be in a grave next to Saturn, Pontiac, Hummer, Oldsmobile.

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