2013 VW Golf illustration

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It does seem to match pictures of clay models we saw earlier. The ones taken in the VW design studio.

As you can see, VW is relentlessly pursuing the slow evolution of the original design.
Somehow, it always does look pretty good.
And always manage to be a best seller in Europe, no matter what.

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  1. Ford Fiesta has them on the run. Top selling car for first quarter 2010 in Europe, unseating the long time VW. If the current trend continues VW will be knock off for first time in decades.

  2. My first two cars were VW Golfs (a MK1 Rabbit and an MK3 GTI actually.) These cars are always a little smarter looking than the competition. With the exception of the early 2000s problem with ignition coils, they have always been a good bet. I think this looks really good.

  3. Ok… Same boring design, Mk4, Mk5 and now Mk6… same style, same body… just only difference is bumper, headlights… No thanks VW… Ford Focus is gonna be Winner in this category.

  4. At least a car that doesn't look in 10 years like it is totally out of fashion. Love the Golf. My GTI turned 9 in April and this might be my new drive in a couple of years.

    Yes, not everything is perfect but I am pretty happy with my GTI. Very reliable and good on gas. Still looks nice too. I personally think that all these flashy cars will just look old after 4-5 years. With the Golf you will always have a good (and boring) looking car, now and in the future.

  5. It does look like the same old design except this time a few large men sat on the hood and squashed it ! I truly hope the best for VW with there new american plant and hope they can increase reliability , cause right now i cannot recommend VWs or any toyotas to friends or family.

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