2011 Honda Odyssey video

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I don’t hate it like so many people here.
I actually think it is one of the more stylish minivans in the US now.

Still, nothing compared to what they can get in Europe or Japan. But I think it is what people want in the US.
I predict a big hit for Honda.

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  1. I agree, it really doesn't look bad. It's too bad they don't coat the door track the same color as the car, that would help. The Sienna is very strange looking in person, the proportions are off. The Chrysler is so boring, the Quest was bizarre, and the Kia is OK. What I would like in a minivan is something a little more useful, like an easily cleaned vinyl interior, and a cargo floor that holds 4×8 plywood. One idea that no one has come up with is a jumpseat in the front so you can carry 3 people and have the second and third row seats out. Make that and I will be first in line. But for now, I will stick with my 13 year old reliable Ford Aerostar.

  2. Honda doesn't sell any mini-vans in Europe. They only sell Accord wagon (no stream).

    The abrupt transition behind the sliding doors from the side looks bit weird. But maybe it looks better in person.

    The interior is definitely big improvement over the current one.
    I hope though they get a pano roof option.

  3. Vince, I am with you.

    I actually like it, and I like it 10x more than the BORING Sienna.

    It will again be the segment leader.

  4. I can't get over the way the rear side window dips down. It looks like a different van rammed into the rear and they welded it together.

  5. Goofy styling & lousy ergonamics never hurt honda lawn mower sales so I doubt this will hurt their automotive appliances. People buy Hondas because 1)It's a bad habit they don't care to break; 2) They like the Dealer; 3) It's the "anti-car" for folks who discriminate against high-style/high-performance automobiles. And no amount of bad design will affect their demographics–just look at how well Acura & Toyota are still doing even with some of the most boring and obtuse designs in automotive history–from the garrish pretense of Acura's big ugly ostentacious grills; to the blan, dumpy melted-slug look of Venza, Camry & Sienna.

  6. Just another be stupid slow accelerating minivan. They could gives this class leading horsepower and it would still be just another slow, big, stuipd bus. Why buy a big stupid dumb slow ugly bus when you can just get the CUV that seats 7 or 8 passengers too?

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