More pictures of Buick’s new compact sedan.

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Called the Excelle GT in China.
They did attempt to make this “Astra Sedan” a bit more upscale than the regular hatchback version.

We will see much more of this car soon.

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  1. Not sure if it is the photography or what, but this actually looks much better than the photos that have been posted lately. Not breaking any new grounds in design, but not an embarrassment either. Better looking than the Cruze or the new Polo anyway.

  2. Wow…these pics make this car look like the current gen Sebring….yikes! Especially the lower one…maybe it's the wheels?

  3. its not bad 0 but they should have not made the headlights so rounded.

    should've kept with the straight lines/sharp angles of the lacrosse/regal headlights.

    otherwise, its all going to come down to price. is this thing meant to go up against a corolla/civic/elantra?

  4. the good news is, it seems that there are no fake plastic window panels on the sides, meaning you can actually see out of evertting the looks like a window.

  5. Excelle in China is a rebadged Daewoo model that's similar to a Suzuki-badged sedan sold in the U.S.

    Hard to say what's under the skin of any new cars given the global content of cars now.

  6. I agree with the previous post, the wheels are far too small.

    If the Regal is supposed to compete with the TSX, is this supposed to compete with the Mazda 3, Jetta and upcoming Focus? If so, it's a bit too formal looking. Might need a little more sportiness.

    That said, I like it. I'm just not sure what consumer market will be suitable in the U.S..

  7. " . . .it's a bit too formal looking. Might need a little more sportiness"

    I think the point of this design is that its an alterntive TOO the slew of aggressive looking small cars.

    It is following the trend that the Audi A3 is setting – that a cart doesn't have to be mid-size or larger in order to be smi-luxurious and classy.

  8. I agree, I don't see this car stealing sales from the competition or from the Cruze(which is a very beautiful car), and I blame the greenhouse and front-end styling for this. The greenhouse (with help from the rear-end of the car) makes the entire silhouette of the car resemble that of the Dodge Neon – matter of fact, the entire package looks like the old Chrysler that I'm trying to forget. Overall, it's not a well-balanced design, and the front, rear, and sides don't share the same design story.

  9. iQuack the new model of the Excelle is based on the Delta II platform 9new Opel AStra/Cruze) this model has nothing in common with the previous model. 7 I.F.Y. the suzuki ibadged version of the previous car is no longer sold in the U.S.

  10. Horrible. Some car companies should not enter certain segments, and this is absolute proof of it

  11. Salvatore, I think Buick should definitely be in the market of offering premium small vehicles, but I agree though that this is not the way to do it.

  12. Its hard to see a small car with a buick emblem. This is just a new way of re packaging an existing car whis is the down fall of American car companies

  13. "This is just a new way of re- packaging an existing car whis is the down fall of American car companies"

    I STRONGLY DISAGREE. Toyota/Scion/Lexus and Honda/Acura are the new kings of "badge-engineering". And the public doesn't notice. Probably because (Asian companies) are smart enough to target marketing at the 85% of Americans who know little about cars and buy them like they buy kitchen appliances. It's great to have "car guys" doing engineering & design; but a disaster when they influence marketing & advertising. There are many things that influence sales much more that quality & performance. Just look at the quality of Dusenburg & Studebaker-Packard to Chevy's, Mercury's & Mercedes of the same era!

  14. Oh 100%. But this is because American people are too into badges. Look at the Toyota IQ that will be remade into an Aston Martin. BUT the Japanese companies make at most 2 different versions. American on the other hand is made into multiple copies. These car companies have to start taking pride in the products they make

  15. I don't know how they could transform the beautiful Opel Astra hatchback into such a boring sedan…Luckily, we Europeans don't get this…

  16. Considering that Opel has only designed (publicly) the three/five door hatch and the Sports Tourer I'm pretty sure this "Sedan" is in no way related to the 2010 Opel Astra.

    I can see that they have taken some of the markers of the Astra, but the whole hood/front is completely different.

    It seems too much like a "hack"

    These are the original lines:

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