2011 VW Eos?

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This is obviously just an illustration.
And I think it might be quite optimistic.

There are rumors around of a revised Eos for 2011, but we haven’t seen any pictures of prototypes driving around yet.
We usually see VW prototype pictures for what seems years before the actual cars come out.

This illustration shows an all new design, not just a new front end.
It actually looks like a new Jetta convertible.

Who knows….

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  1. Volkswagen is a very environmentally responsible company. They believe in recycling-recycling Audi's designs. It is surprising that Audi doesn't share the convertible hardtop engineering that VW uses, although from what I have seen on Volkswagen forums, it is not without it's problems.

  2. I'd never consider the current Eos over Mustang, BMW3, Volvo, or Sebring. The VW looks cheap & tiny compared to the rest. But this gets them closer.

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