How “new” is the new Continental?

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The new one is on top.
And it does look all new, actually.

The door handle is now right in the middle of the side line on the door.
Rear side window is sharper. Not as soft. etc…

They seem to have done it right.
Long live this great design.

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  1. Certainly not 'New' enough to substantiate any claims of being 'All New'.

    It's a 'face lift' at best, and hardly that.

  2. Vince, can you do a side by side picture of this dud and the maserati granturismo. No comparison. The bently is your stout , fat legged, sporty aunt and the Maserati is your sexy , fit , model neighbor. No contest!

  3. There's not that much different but it does look better. I like the new front air dam and I LOVE the Mulsanne style headlamps. Beautiful car.

  4. First I thought that Lincoln had finally done it RIGHT! Then I realized that they hadn't. Beautiful Bentley, new or not.

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