2012 Audi A6

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Just another picture of the next Audi.
Which, as we said before, will just look like all the other ones.

I am more interested in seeing the next A3 myself.

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  1. quote me in the other A6 post
    Anonymous said…
    going to have to do some visual comparos but in the rear quarter view, the greenhouse doesn't look like any existing Audi to me – think I like it a LOT so far
    Sooooooooo glad this one doesn't have the Mazda-envy hump over the front wheels!!!
    or maybe worse a sea-sick beltline :p
    November 7, 2010 11:51 AM

    Anonymous said…
    now all they have to do is stop letting the designer's 10 year old daughter do the car's eyemake-up … I mean the silly shape of the HL's LEDs
    November 7, 2010 11:53 AM

    in some ways the camo helps show the overall form better … subtle &yet beautiful!

    also has a lighter, "younger" look imho

  2. ya they all look the same coming at ya on the freeway, ud never know from a3 to a8, but im diggin that ass on the a7 thats coming soon, its so sleek and Mischievous and sexy .. I also want the current a4 so badly and dont know why …

  3. Always liked the A8. A7 looks good too. The rest (A6,A4,etc) are just half-baked cheap imitations of the 8 & 7. A6 has been a geneic joke for a while–especially the dash (which unfortunately is what the guy who paid for it sees the most!)
    gotta see this new one undesgised inside & out before I can develop an opinion on it though. Hope it has more A8/A7 and less VW than its predecessors.

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