2012 Honda Civic coupe

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The new coupe at least looks quite a bit different than the model it replaces.

But still…

It seems to be sitting just a bit on the wrong side of odd.
At least on these pictures.

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  1. It looks like it was supposed to be a baby Accord coupe, but it looks a lot like a Saturn. Hope it looks better in person. Not that the people who buy them care, but the rest of us have to look at them.

  2. It's sad to watch the slow death of a once-great car company. The succession of utter-turds Honda is squeezing out is startling. The hamfisted design of this new Civic is affirmation that Honda isn't in the game anymore.

  3. What's with the wide gap between the wheels anf fenders. My 2006 |Civic rides on its suspension way better. No huge gap.

  4. BARF! That A pillar is HORRENDOUS!!! Don't manufacturers know that we DON'T like black spacers on any pillars??? When the last Civic came out, I wasn't crazy about it but it did look futuristic looking and cohesive. This new one is a styling disaster. Like an example of what NOT to do.

  5. Sittin' a little high on the wheels. It does look a little different than the model it replaces. But it also looks the same. I think the current one is really Honda's best styled vehicle. This is comes across as a little more downscale and economy.

  6. Vince you said it well, it is absolutely sitting on the wrong side of odd. Gaurantee it will be a seller though

  7. Does anyone know if the Sedan and Coupe will now ride on the same wheelbase? The coupes wheels look closer to the outer corners of the car, giving the impression of a longer wheelbase that may now match the sedans.

  8. "Anonymous said…
    Why don't they make a Civic coupe/hatchback any more?

    Guess I will have to buy the tC, instead.

    February 17, 2011 9:23 PM"

    The tC is honestly a piece of garbage. The interior is terrible.

    The new Si should actually be pretty sweet with the 2.4 out of the TSX in it, they have a very tractable motor. Much better than Toyota's WEAK 2.5 with 180HP.

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