2012 BMW 6 series

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They released the convertible a while ago. And showed us a “concept” last year that looked exactly like this, so there is no surprise here.
And I think this is an even more conservative design than the outgoing generation.
The previous model looked really modern when it first came out . Even too modern for some.

This has more of a geeser feel to it.
Or maybe it’s just one of these cars “that look better in person”.

We’ll see…

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  1. I'm guessing the new 6-series will suit much of its intended audience.. though more progressive/style-conscious buyers may be hard-pressed to pay so much for what appears to be an upsized 3-series coupe. At least the previous model was distinctive..

  2. no, i don't think that is a geezer car at all…i think it is a pretty racy new toyota avalon coupe…the double kidney grille is just camo to throw off the spy photographers

  3. It's the new 6 series with the same old BMW 2 door greenhouse. There's a difference between familiarness, evolution and the same sh*t

  4. Its just basically a 5 series coupe now with no soul, or a severly bloated 3 series coupe with an ugly nose job !

  5. Audi has nothing to worry about. In fact, if this vanillamobile costs around 80k, it just justifies the cost of the S5 even more. Although I do think that the awkward looking Mercedes E-class coupe is in trouble.

  6. Yes it looks outdated and boring, Take the kidney grille out it could be anything.

    Bring back Bangle on this one. At least the last one was unique.

  7. The previous Bangle version was absolutely horrid and inelegant.The new 6-Series finally looks like a real BMW again. Much more elegant and refined this time around

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