2012 Scion iQ price

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Our US version of the Toyota iQ will start at $16 000.
It comes standard with a 1.3 Liter engine and a CVT transmission.

It all seems pretty expensive to me.
The Smart, the iQ’s main competition, starts at about $3000 less.
For the iQ price you can get a bunch of other cars. Sure, they’re not all “cool and different” like the iQ.
But the $15 000 Fiat 500 is.

I think the iQ should have been “the $12 000 Scion”.
At this price, I do not predict a bright future for this car in the US. It looks bad for the whole Scion brand itself.
Another mistake in a series of many….

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    How insane is that? You can get a Fiesta for a lot less. You can get a Focus for just a few hundred more (MSRP).

    Again, WTF?

  2. Bad move by Toyota.

    The Smart, aside from the transmission, is a far superior ride. Its interior is far nicer, and it looks better.

    For $16,000 there are a TON of other options.

  3. A Fiesta, a Mini and a Smart car are unique, and the owners feel that they're in something special. This looks just like a disposable 1990 Geo Metro. It's no surprise they chose to photograph a boring white one… Toyota couldn't help themselves.

  4. I saw these all over Rome a few months ago and they don't look as interesting as the Smart ForTwo. The Smart car is odd and quirky which is exactly what people in the market for a micro mini want. They want to stand out. The iQ, on the other hand, just blended in with all of the other hatchbacks. Scion should at least sell the car in bright colors and give it lots of personalization options like the Mini Cooper or Fiat 500.

    So, for the price, the Fiat 500 is a much better value.

  5. Listen by all means it is interesting, but this design has been kicked around so much that it's already dated. I'd take the fiat in a heart beat over this.

  6. For the 12,000 base price has no power accessories the iq comes with equipment most buyers want like ac,cruise, pw,pl,radio with pandora.

  7. Fail.

    For 12K, this might sell. For 16K no-haggle price, it will have no staying power.

    Which is what I am beginning to think about Scion — decisions like this, and maybe they'll have 3 or 4 years left before they fold it up.

  8. Ah yup ! Too expensive. Dump the IQ and replace with a modern version of the Honda CRX. The IQ has a silly small back seat – give us a usable hatch that fits my golf clubs or a mountain bike. While you are at it bring back the pre-2006 XB – the new XB is a dissappointment.

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