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GM has announced it will produce a version of the 2009 Converj Concept. And call it the Cadillac ELR.

It will use the powertrain from the Chevrolet Volt. Or an updated version of it.

I don’t see much changes from the Converj to the ELR, which, for now, is still a concept.

Let’s hope it won’t change much by the time it goes into production.

This is one of the best designs I have seen in years. I also hope the upcoming ATS coupe looks close to this as well.

Here is a picture of the Converj concept.

Which is pretty much the same as the ELR…

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  1. As other premium car companies continue peddling the same old tired designs generation after generation (the Germans), Cadillac really seems to understand how to lend their designs an instant brand familiarity while successfully propelling them into the future.

    This 'concept' looks fantastic, and I'd venture to say that I'll be test driving one as soon as it makes production.

  2. GM needs a home run. With interest already lacking in the volt. This would be such a great halo car for GM. Build it NOW!

  3. Caddy had to createa new design, they had nothing to work with like the Germans have. Now Caddy needs to up the ante on the interiors. They need a driver's interior, not the fluff they currently have inside.

  4. Not bad. A little funky looking. The space between head lights and grille make it look beady eyed and big nosed. The mix of sharp edges and curves are pretty well balanced.

  5. Yes please. This is a sexy looking car. I'm surprised at how many CTS coupes I've seen. If it's any indication at how well the ELR would sell, things are looking good for Cadillac.

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