2012 Honda CRV

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This is an official picture from the Japanese Honda site, so the real production model.
Not surprises since we’ve seen the slightly disguised “concept” a few weeks ago.
I think it looks pretty nice so far.
The current model is still very popular so they didn’t have to stretch things too far. Yet they did come up with a different design.
Unlike what they did with the 2012 Civic which looks like a cheap copy of the previous one.

More very soon.

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  1. So…It looks like Hunchback Freak of the current CUV crowd.

    Goofy looking, but at least they fixed that hideous buck-tooth front end this time around.

  2. Wow. People dont seem to like anything amymore. This looks great.Every generation, the CRV get a little more substantial looking. I agree the frint overbite on the current generation was fugly, but the overall car was improved. Looking forward to seeing the interior and how it's packaged being this is a people hauler.. This may go great with my new Toyota FT-86!

  3. It may be fugly compared to Journey (4×4 of the year in Canada) or Patriot, or Terrain or Equinox or Escape, or even the generic Rav-4. But it is undeniably an enormous imporvement over the previous CR-V. Standing still may not be impressive for most companies, but for one who's styling has been rolling backwards for several years new, I think this is a good sign.

  4. looks pretty ok to me, more aerodynamic to squeeze more mpgs.
    No word on hybrid?
    RAV4 will have hell of time competing with new CRV

  5. The CR-V continues to sell in volume owing to the reliable powertrain and the Honda reputation for building quality engines.

    However, competition creep is starting to set in and unless Honda wakes up from its sedative coma, they will be surpassed by hungrier brands like Hyundai and Kia.

  6. It reminds me of the big brain/forehead people from a Star Trek episode I watched last week. Honda need to fire all its designers and start a clean sheet design. The build some of the most reliable, technologically advanced cars in the world but nearly all Hondas and Acuras look like crap. Do what Hyundai did and hire some Audi and US designers.

  7. Looks far better than the bland, feminine current CR-V, but given Honda's design capabilities that might damn it with faint praise. I hope the versatility innovation Honda promises is more exciting.

  8. Honda sales are down 7% last month. Some would blame that on the economy, but Chrysler sales were up 24% in the same period. Honda is History!

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