2013 Audi A4

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The A4 is getting a few small changes for the next year. Nothing drastic, but they didn’t ruin it either.
The front end does look a bit simpler and sleeker.

The new All Road Wagon version pictured here is also supposed to make it to the US by next year.
I think it does look really good.

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  1. Are we looking at the same picture? The headlight shape is quite disturbing, just like the 2-series BMW in the entry before (not to mention the goofy Lexus and Infiniti grilles). Please, Mercedes, Cadillac, and Acura, steer clear of this trend.

  2. Huge improvement. The one biggest flaw with the current A4 is the somewhat wimpy and bland front end. And everyone is following Audi's look with the arrays of LED pixels which has become very tired. This is more aggressive and keeps Audis ahead of the curve.

  3. I don't like the grill insert on the all-road wagon(I would prefer horizontal bars) but love everything else. The regular A4's new lines/curves on the front bumper is a huge improvement, adds depth to it's character, and an air of sophistication lost on the front end of the new 3 series and c-class. Very clean, and very beautiful!

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