2013 Buick Enclave

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After the GMC Acadia, it’s up to the Buick version to get some changes.
Not an all new car of course, but we can expect a new interior as well as redesign front and rear ends.

Looks like an already good car is getting better….

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  1. The interior of the Enclave was pretty terrible, my main gripe was the fake plasticky wood that no one would ever believe came from a tree.

    The plastics were pretty rough as well, hopefully they have fixed this with the update. Still a pretty attractive car just needs to be put up to date with the rest of the post-bailout gm products.

  2. Can't tell much from a dark nighttime shot. The ambient lighting is a little much.

    I agree with the first post that the fake woodgrain was a major design flaw in the current Enclave. It's also the reason that such a nicely styled SUV wouldn't be considered by those looking at a Q7 or X5. I would NEVER consider a car with such conspicuous cheapness and fake luxury.

  3. it wasnt long ago that the average buick purchaser was, well, eligible for full social security benefits. the tron-lighting may be trying to break that image, but as stated in a previous post, that potential distraction is a bit irresponsible.

  4. Okay.

    Keep in mind that what we're seeing may NOT be ambient lighting, but just the way the picture was manipulated.

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