More pictures of the all new 2013 Kia Cee’d

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What a nice looking design this is.
Even better than the recently introduced Elantra GT.

It is safe to say that a “trunk added” version of this will end up over here as the new Kia Forte later this year.
I drove a few versions of the Forte in the past and found it to be a very nice car already.
This seems to be even much better, with a “mini Optima” interior.

And we could even be getting this hatchback version as well. As the current model is already offered in the US with a 5th door.

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  1. Just returned an Optima Hybrid I got as a rental.

    – Great styling

    – Excellent power/hybrid tech

    – Loved the rear view camera!

    Poor steering feel. And the udio system had little bass tone (even with the bass adjustment cranked up all the way).

    Batteries mounted in the trunk (under the rear deck) cut into available storage space.

    But with just a few refinements, this car would be a home run!

  2. I love this car! I really hope this 5 door makes it to the USA with a direct injected gas engine. If Kia does that, I will buy it. With gas prices expected to skyrocket soon, I could use a car like this. I think this looks waaaaaayyy better than the Elantra GT too.

  3. This is a really cohesive and appealing design. Kia should offer this in the US exactly as we see it here!!!!

  4. Okay, I never thought I'd say this about a Kia, but this looks really really good. I'd still never buy one (or even rent one) after my experiences with Hyundai. But the design is unquestionably beautiful. It'll sell like crazy.

  5. Dash looks strangely related to the new Dart (but wilth all mechanical instead of the electronics of the Dart)

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