2013/14 Nissan Sentra?

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These are actually pictures of the next Nissan Bluebird, which has been related to our Sentra in the past.
Nissan might consolidate these two models into one for the next generation.

So these pictures could give us some clues about our next Sentra.
We can’t see much under all that camouflage. Still, at least from the proportions, it could look like a smaller 2013 Altima.

Who knows, really…

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  1. The Bluebird has always been more closely related to the Altima, not the Sentra. The Sentra and Sunny were clones

  2. hopefully nissan gets the sentra right this time…..it'll ignite sales for the once venerable compact.

  3. Nissan Spyking says…….. This new sentra will be a smaller , tighter version of the all-new 2013 Altima that was just unveiled. It will be far better than anything Civic, corolla( not hard), keeya and hoonday bring to the table. Much better than the hard barbie plasticky interior of new jetta. Get ready to see the new standard in this segment.

  4. Nissan Spyking says…….. Get ready to see the new standard in this segment.

    Will it stil feel like you are sitting in a tin can?

  5. I always have loved Nissan and sentra in particular for reliability. But, Th style has lacked. If it's like the new Altima, we have a winner here. I know that the current Altima is right on Camry's heels for sales numbers, the new one should trump that new boring Camry. If this is what's promised, Nissan Sentra will also outsell corolla. we will see. Yes I am a very proud and A huge Niss Fan.

  6. LOL new standard for segment? The only thing Nissan has done for the small car segment is set a standard of ugliness

  7. Sentra has been a Turd since 1995. I expect no more than another that this round either. Hope I'm wrong…I LOVED my 91 SE-R I had it for 11 years, and was going strong when I sold sold it.

    I would love to see something like the 510 to come back again.

  8. This car, in Nissan inner circles, don't ask, is touted and code named as the 510, yes it is! Meaning, they realise that a big change was needed and it is coming real soon. If the Altima is an indicator, it will be very impressive.

  9. The current Sentra is based on the last generation Renault Megane, an ugly car to begin with and not a very good one. In order for this car to be any good, it will have to shun the Megane platform all together. The non 'Megane RS Cup R' cars are horrendous

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