2013 BMW 1 series 3 door

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Another expected development: the 3 door version of the redesigned 1 series 5 door…

And just like the 5 door, this hatchback isn’t coming over here.
But if you imagine a trunk instead of the hatch, you can almost see the next 1 series coupe we’ll be getting here next year.
Which will , by then, be called the 2 series.

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  1. The front looks like the pigs from Angry Birds. The rest aint so hot either. As crazy as it sounds, Fords Focus is going to eat BMWs lunch.

  2. Yes they are butt ugly.
    I think they made this car uglier than the last one, so that if people want to buy BMW, to show to the Neighbours, they have to buy something more expensive (3 series). Otherwise they buy a butt ugly car.
    The ones they sell is just to show the power of their brand.
    Good luck selling cars to blind people (or mentally challenged).

  3. I'm a huge BMW fan…but this is absolutley hideous. The "Angry Bird Pig" reference is sadly dead-on. What were they thinking?
    Test drove a '12 328 Saturday…now there's something to LOVE!

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