Chinese Saabs.

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Chinese car maker BAIC aquired the rights to the 9.3 and previous 9.5 platforms from GM about 3 years ago.
They quickly showed prototype cars which basically looked like Saabs with redesigned from end.

But at this year’s Chinese auto show, they are showing what they claim are very close to production designs.

The C70G is supposed to go on sale in September, while its electric version, called the C70B, could be out by the end of this year.
Both the C70 and C60 are based on the 9.5 . While a smaller sedan and a crossover will use the 9.3 platform..

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  1. So, instead of Saabs with a redesigned front end, they now have Lexuses with a revised front end. Progress?

  2. Good for them for not making it look like a 9-5.

    I wonder how it will do in crash testing. A lot of Saab's safety was due to the quality of the steel that they used. This car may not be so good if they build it out of recycled bean tins.

    Back in the day, the 9-3 convertible was a 5 star car, but the Pontiac G6 convertible wasn't, even though they were supposedly built on the same platform.

  3. wow. just a few years ago we were laughing at their design efforts. i have to admit these designs are rather impressive (yes, they do appear buick-ized, but that is a good thing in the CDM.)

  4. Talk about disappointing. Looks like the same old Cheap China Crap. Goofy design. Oppy overall. What did they do with the old SAAB tooling? Melt it down to creat the tin foil to stamp these???

  5. The Second car looks much better than all Hondas and most toyotas.
    Join the rest of japanese brands.
    I bet all the nay sayers will buy some of these Saabs when they become second hand.

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