VW Golf VII Illustration

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Not sure this is new, but so far it might be the closest to the real thing.
Because it’s the most boring.

I don’t expect amazing looks for the next Golf.
But at least, let’s hope they don’t cheapen it like they did with the Jetta and Passat.
(What am I thinking. I’m pretty sure they did….)

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  1. Let us pray Vince. I don't see how VW can't cheapen the Golf further. But I'm hoping they don't. I miss the charm of a hefty German car with fragrant rubberized everything and dense thuds heard wherever anything is tapped.

  2. Zzzzzzz… Same old boring 2-Box shtick VW's been peddling for far, far too long.

    Just like Audi… It's just design laziness and long overdue for a REAL change.

  3. I disagree….I admire and appreciate how they dont totally redesign the "look" of the car. like Porsche, it's evolved. Many auto companys should have utilized this design philosophy. Seems VW/Audi/Porsche are the smart ones. Look what happened to Nissans Maxima, the Accord, civic and so on, all lost in the redesigns. Not this. Good job VW, just dont cheapen it like you did the Jetta.

  4. It looks the same forever.

    How nice to buy the same car all the time.
    Perhaps it's their way of pushing people to buy something bigger or from other brand.

    Good luck with that.

    And the cars are getting more problematic.

  5. Cheap Generic transportation for the masses. The concept has it's roots in the origional VW Bug from Hitler's Germany. "The People's Car: Volks Wagon ". It fills the niche just fine and really doesn't need to be anything more. If you want more, SEE VW CC, Porsche, Audi. It does the job more efficently than a Corolla or Civic. And if you can afford a bit more; look at the 38-40 MPG cars from Ford (Fiesta, Focus) GM (Cruise) or Chrysle (Dart). As for the Rabbit/Golf; it is what it is.

  6. It looks fine to me. About what I expected the next Golf to look like. Agreed with every commenter so far. Just don't cheapen it like the Jetta. The only Jetta that's halfway decent is the GLI and that costs north of $25K.

    I would like to see VW increase the trunk area on the Golf a bit though. Other than that, the current generation is better than most cars out there. Especially when talking about the interior. The new Focus/Civic/Elantra interiors are a joke.

  7. More boring than watching golf on TV. I hate Volkswagen anyway, but I am sure this will appeal to the VW diehards who have never got stuck with a lemon like I have. It can really sour you on a brand.

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