Lexus LF-CC Concept

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Let’s just hope this translate into the next IS, due out pretty soon.

While not perfect, this seem to be the best version of Lexus’s new design language. Much better then the sad looking GS.

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  1. Well huh… I did not expect this from Toyoexus. It's no Audi S5, but it's still rather good looking. The front gives me nightmares, but the side profile and the rear look fantastic. Overall, the design looks purposeful and proportionate. Again, except for that monstrous grille, which looks like a big HVAC unit.

    Anyhoo, I give this a solid 8. Toyota/Lexus generally ranks at about a 3 from me.

  2. Dare I say this could be a huge hit if such a coupe made it to production? I see many hints of the FT86 cars.

  3. It would be great if Toyota finally has a coupe again:-).
    Sure they have the FR-S but I hope this is little bit larger since press release says mid-size?

    Press release says: "…market launch of a mid-size coupe in the near future".

    Looks a bit like mini Accord Coupe from the side. On the other hand it's hybrid so would be first real coupe hybrid (ignoring the CR-Z hatchback which is mild hybrid).

  4. Vince I respectfully disagree with your comment on the GS. There are plenty in NY and they look stunning in person. Liking this new IS looks like they might finally make a coupe.

  5. A mess of bold, bad ideas, awkward proportions, incongruent lines, ugly detailing. Yes, this must have been designed at Toyota

  6. Guess they realized a convertible version of a sedan doesn't look too spiffy.. this seems to indicate the next IS will have far more graceful proportions, even if they look lifted directly from the 3-series coupe. Pity the front is so hideous!

  7. Couple of little details: the tiny gas tank door, the L-shaped LED piping in the rear lights, amber LEDs built into the front light clusters, the wheel ventilation ducts built into the bodywork, the door handles on the shoulders of the doors, and the thinness of the roof panel up front. Like a Japanese jewel, beautiful.

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