Fiat 500L (US)

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 This is the US version of the “big” Fiat 500. The “L” Version.
Over here, 2 versions will be offered, Standard (the white car) and Trekking.
Both will be powered by the top of the line 1.4 Liter Turbo engine with 160hp. Used in the 500 Abarth.
Both manual and Automatic will be offered.
This should be quite a fun family drive.

Here is a picture of the European version. Which has a slightly different front bumper than our Standard version.

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  1. The lack of response on this car that will sell well in North America shows the calibre of rednecks that visit this site.

  2. I think a apathy in the US has a lot has to do with the brand in the US.
    The standard 500 is a dressed up Ford Fiesta for thousands more than a Fiesta with limited dealerships for service. With less of a powertrain warranty with certain higher service cost after the warranty

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