New RAV4 outside, and another interior combo.

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I would say, at least on these pictures, the interior is quite a step up from the CRV.

I will be checking it myself soon and report on the quality.

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  1. Where is the RAV4 HYBRID?
    I really thought they will be one step ahead of everyone with 40-ist-MPG crossover.
    I love the update. Its sleek and all aerodynamics and no hybrid? No V6? (Don’t really care) and no turbo either? Are any engine options coming later?
    I’m shocked you can opted for AWD…ha-ha
    Lexus NX200t and NX300h are coming out, right? But nothing for Rav4?

  2. What's up with that horrible color combination? The baseball mitt brown look does not go well with the grey interior.

  3. I like the new exterior design but that interior is awful. What about that big hole in the dash in front of the passenger seat? Hideous….

  4. I don't really like toyota styling, but the exterior of this isn't half bad. Calm down those lights a bit and it would even be good looking.

  5. The interior is quite a step up from the CR-V?

    Are you on crack, Vince? There is nothing that is a "step up" from the CR-V at all, and you'd never catch me dead in a Honda.

  6. Isn't EVERYTHING a "step up from the CR-V???" I find this and the equivalent Honda to be equally repulsive. I've never seen a 2-tone interior I didn't like–UNTIL NOW! But given who buys these suckers; do they really need an automotive designer?–I mean, does a septic-tank manufacturer hire a Stylist or Designer to address the aesthetics of their poop boxes?

  7. CX-5 all day long, especially since the 2014 now will have the 2.5 SkyActiv with the most NA horsepower in its class.

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