1970’s: Cars from The Rockford Files

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I must admit, I have been watching too much Netflix lately…
The fact that you can watch whole seasons of TV shows, years worth of work, in just a few days is pretty addicting.
For the past few weeks, I ‘ve been rediscovering The Rockford Files.
So be warned of the following “Nerdfest”…
Here are a few of the cars I noticed in the show. In their original 70’s ads.

 Of course, the Firebird Esprit. The main character’s car. And almost a character itself.
The car used in the show always looks treat. Like if Rockford had it detailed twice a day, every day.

I just wonder if sales actually went up with the popularity of the show….

 Od course, the Ford LTD is everywhere. Both cops and bad guys are driving it.
This was one of the most popular cars back then anyway.

 Lots of gangsters and mafia types in the show (Which was also produced by Sopranos creator David Chase).
Their favorite cars seemed to be dark Lincolns.  These cars looked like they could just glide over anything…

 Very popular with the various ladies in the show was the Mercedes SL.
What surprises me is how many of these I still see today in L.A. A few every day!

Pretty amazing for a car that was really expensive back then…

One weird episode even features a car chase between Rockford’s Firebird and a Renault LeCar!
Driven by visiting French cops. Who, of course, couldn’t just rent a regular American car in L.A…

 Finally, I went to see where Rockford’s trailer was. At least in the 1st season of the show.
The parking lot is still there, which is amazing after all these years….

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  1. What pier is that in the background of the shot with Rockford's trailer?

    I'm Australian, and I'm wondering exactly where on the Californian coast it is.

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