2015 Infiniti Q60

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The Q60 will replace the G37 Coupe when is comes out sometime next year.
Not sure if this pic is the real thing or not, but it looks about right.

A convertible version is still planed as well.

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  1. Let's hope that's it.. if so, it's finally the spiritual successor to the Z 2+2! Love the way it looks.. much sportier than the last two generations.

  2. Looks like a rather minor evolution of the (much better named) G37… One thing that has changed is that the cowl looks to be so high on this thing that it's going to feel like sitting inside a high-sided bathtub.

  3. Where's the kinky rear quarter window? If they incorporate that new styling cue on this, the entire window may disappear…

  4. What is with all the accent lines. Definitely getting a Hyundai Sonata/Genesis vibe. How the tables have turned. Hyundai used to steal Infiniti designs not to long ago.

  5. Last generation Celica is what I see in most of these lines. I think that's what inspired Hyundai with their looks as well. The original G coupe is the best looking yet. But this is looking pretty darn good…so far.

  6. Those commenting about Hyundai inspiration should go back and look at recent/and later Infiniti car show concepts. Infiniti was throwing out bizarre and edgy concept designs before Hyundai started putting the current Sonata and Genesis into production. What came to my mind when seeing this was.. "Holy concave convex crash up Batman!!!" Still not sure if I like it, though.

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