A black 2014 Impala

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GM has released a few more pix of the new Impala, along with a bit more info.

I must say, this car is growing on me and looks better and better. I cannot wait to drive one.

The Buick Lacrosse on which the Impala is based is one of my favorite car in this segment. But I must admit it is getting a bit old.
The Impala interior seems to be an improvement over the Buick’s (Although the Lacrosse is getting a new interior for 2014, so we’ll see)
It seems really modern yet understated . With small touches of wood and a bit of satin metal trim.

The base LS model gets the 2.5 Liter with 196HP. Which might actually be enough for most buyers.
It starts at $27 535.
The LT model is $2250 more and the LT V6 is $30 760.
The V6 has 305HP. Which is more than most buyers actually need.
So the V6 LT is pretty much the same price as the base Avalon. Which could be tough competition for the Chevy.
The eAssist version will be available later. And with a 35MPG predicted rating it won’t be much competition to a real Hybrid like the Avalon Hybrid.

Not sure why GM cannot produce a real hybrid yet…

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  1. Saw this live at the Miami Auto show. Very impressive and looks quite upscale. With well placed marketing Chevy should move more than 20k of these in first year.

  2. Not bad, I could see this as a cop car or rental. They MUST lose that stupid looking steering wheel and faux wood. Just when I thought GM was getting it right the f*** up the smaller details.

  3. Looks like a cleaner (better looking) new generation Altima. Wish they bring back the Chevy round tail lights to pay homage to great classic Chevy styling.

  4. Although I really like the Impala, I don't think its interior is better than the one of the Lacrosse which I believe is far more elegant and suitable for a car of its class.

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