2014 Honda Fit

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I think the current model still looks very nice.
This one seems over complicated. Not a step forward at all.

This to me looks like a Chinese copy of the current car. Which seems a bad trend. The Chinese market being so big now, car companies are now designing cars mostly for China.

So many lines, vents etc… Wow….

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  1. I hope it looks better when it arrives in the US. The JDM version is terrible now, the US one is much better… so let's hold out some hope.

    HOWEVER…. Mazda is about to kill design-wise with the new 3. The Mazda 2 is due for the full SkyActiv treatment in a year and will have the modified KODO design language. So it should be really nice (good looking, powerful, fun, fuel efficient… none of which it is now). So the Fit is in for a real fight in 2014. No room to slack, Honda.

  2. I agree about too many vents and lines, it reminds me a lot of all of the vents and lines on the front end of the Toyota Auris.

  3. The current Fit is the last pure Honda design.. form following function, etc.. if it is possible for many busy and controversial features adding up to a dull overall package, then this car has accomplished it.

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