2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition

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I guess this is a nice way to celebrate.
Make the new Mustang even more retro.

It is a fully loaded version of the GT model. With a 420hp V8.

It’s actually kind of cool to see a little chrome line surrounding the side windows again. After so many years.
(I wonder if this might be available on other models)

On another note, after seeing the car in person, I don’t think it looks great.
The design has too many weird, complicated details to it. (I mean look at all that stuff under the headlights…)
And the interior is a bit of a mess…

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  1. I agree with Vince…. The car looks bad in person and I do like them. I was really looking foreword to this car. I like some features but in general the car is kinda a mess

  2. I haven't seen a new 'Stang in person, but the rear three-quarter view makes me think of the '70s Celica Liftback.

    Which was heavily influenced by the Mustang, of course. But still…

  3. I saw this thing in person @ the Detroit and Chicago auto shows. There was no crowd around it @ either show. That says a lot especially for it to be an all new car. IT doesn't scream muscle….it whispers american honda accord coupe. (seriously cover the front and back and see what it look like in profile). A solid double..definitely not a home run.

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