Lincoln MKX Concept

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As we all know, this is pretty much what the production version will look like.
Except for details.
Just like the MKC was almost exactly like its concept version.

It looks very nice and elegant. Again, it has an “American Lexus” feel to it.
Which I think is where Lincoln is trying to be…

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  1. It looks really good. But to stand apart from everything else that looks similar, Lincoln should try its best to keep some of the concept elements.

  2. how dare you compare this handsome CUV to the nightmare abortions that Lexus shoves out their collective ass. No.

  3. To make Lincoln work in the U.S. market Ford needs to dump their stupid alpha letter scheme and come up with real automobile names for these vehicles.

    Trying to keep up with their MkZ, Xyz B.S. is beyond the absurdly ridiculous.

    In spite of turning out some attractive looking designs, their brand remains muddled in obscurity with most near or lux shoppers.

  4. These days, calling putting any car in the same category as Lexus isn't a compliment. The 90s are long gone.

  5. It's pretty good looking. But let's not get too excited. Slap door handles, real side mirrors, smaller rims, proper weatherstripping, windows that would roll down on it, etc. and you've got an SUV that could wear just about any manufacturer's badge–with a Lincoln grill. Will that make Lincoln relevant again? Make people take notice? I seriously doubt it.

    Lincoln apparently is never going to be more to Ford than what GMC is to Chevrolet. Maybe that will translate to lots and lots of money for Ford; but as a longtime car guy–and someone that semi keeps up with environmental news–I couldn't care less. It's just more of the same.

  6. Um, America already has Lexus…and looking like the smartest kid in class doesn't make you the smartest kid in class. This brand has been damaged and neglected for far too long to be competitive. These guys aren't even the American Acura.

  7. Looks just like the new Edge, which is why it won't sell. Why would someone want to spend more for the same vehicle.

  8. "Looks just like the new Edge, which is why it won't sell. Why would someone want to spend more for the same vehicle."

    Because they don't look even remotely similar.

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