2015/16 Fiat Bravo

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Not sure if this is real or not.
But the Bravo compact is due for a redesign soon.

And, even though “Fiat is back” in the US. We probably will never get the Bravo.
(Since Fiat seems to thing we only deserve models that have the name 500 in them.)

Unless they add round headlights and call it the “Fiat 500 Bravo”, we won’t see it over here…

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  1. Um…if the side profile was anymore Mazda 3 there would be a lawsuit, although I've been saying since the new 3 came out that it looked Italian. Go figure.

  2. Hmm.. Alfa plans to drop the Giulietta, Dodge will likely drop the Dart and Fiat gets an updated Bravo (all from the same platform).. can anyone see this brought over as the Chrysler 100 (sedan) and PT (hatch)?

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