Next Alfa-Romeo sedan

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I think these look great.
But trey are just illustrations. Not the real thing (Although that won’d stop some people from discussing them as if they were the actual car…)

The official date is June 24th.
Only then, will we know how good looking the replacement for the Alfa 159 is.
Not sure of the name yet either. Although I am sure “Giulia” is being considered.

And of course, we are already getting crazy numbers from Fiat bossman Sergio Marchionne.
Like 400 000 sales a year by 2018. 150 000 of these in the US alone.

Let’s put this in perspective:
-So far, the whole brand has sold less than 55 000 cars in Europe in 2014.
( I am not sure anyone has ever almost quadruple sales in 3 or 4 years before…)
-Back in 2011, he had predicted 50 000 sales of the 500 in the US. It actually sold about 19 000 that year. And is still under 35 000 units for 2014.

Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait for Alfa to return in the US with a mainstream model.
And I also can’t wait to see something with style competing with German bricks like the 3 series and A4.
I just think quoting these crazy numbers help the brand in any way…

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  1. What an amazing new automotive concept: different wheel designs on the left and right sides of the car 😉

  2. If priced to compete with BMW3, A4, and C-class those numbers look reasonable. If priced against BMW5, A7, and E-class then no.

  3. Vince how long are we gonna wait for this Giuila to come out?? This is getting annoying at this point. Fiat needs to coffee out with the damn car already. We been seeing renderings and illustrations all ode the internet for an eternity now!

  4. That's good. I'm getting me a 2011 Buick regal. One of the most beautiful cars once every seen. A.k.a opel insignia. I had a hit feeling we would get a version of this for Saturn before we heard the news. I was more excited when I found out this cat would resurrect the regal. When this Giuila comes out, I hope, but I doubt that it will make it top the US anyway. So all this wait for nothing, unless I'm wrong. Vince did you hear anything about this car coming to the US?

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