2016 Lexus RX

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This is still just an illustration. Not the real thing.

But it does match the teaser shot we saw a few days ago.
And includes some NX styling cues.

So I think this might be pretty close.

The RX is a big hit for Lexus. With over 107 000 of them sold last year.
(One of its best year ever)
For exemple, Audi sold 42 420 units of the Q5 last year.
BMW sold 33 824 X3s. Mercedes sold 46 726 units of the M Class .
Cadillac came a bit closer with their popular SRX at 53 578 units.

Looks like the RX dwarfs everyone in the US.

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  1. I don't know why you are mentioning GL's when it's like double the price of an RX. A more appropriate discussion would be ML or GLK sales versus the RX.

  2. Well, It looks better than the last generation (04-14), but nothing ground breaking like the first 99-04 generation. Should maybe hit 120,000 in sales in first year a quickly fade.

  3. Aside from the 1961 Plymouth Grill–everything here screams RAV4. But the elderly don't by Lexus's for their style–they buy them in spite of the hideous visage and because of the much anticipated (though rarely realized) reliability. And Toyota's record for fatalities is not a big concern when you're 90. (i.e. it should sell like, well, like the last version–and to the same crowd!)

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