2016/17 Lexus SC

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There is an all new LS sedan coming out. Really soon.
And it will be joined later any an all new SC coupe.

Just like previous versions, the coupe won’t look like a 2 door version of the sedan.
This time it will pretty much be a production version of the gorgeous LF- LC concept we saw a while ago.

As you can see on these pictures, the production version seems to keep most of the concept’s proportions intact. Or very close.

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  1. Mmmm I disagree… the car in that spy shot looks a lot more bland than the concept to me. I don't have high hopes for this

  2. Vince, there is no SC coupe coming, especially in the former of this. It has bee nearly a year since trademarks were filed for LC500 and LC500h, so the SC nameplate is obviously not being applied here.

    They are likely trying to leave room for an SC resurrection with a different proposition and are aligning this with the LS. The LC debuts a new rear wheel drive modular platform, that the next generation LS (2017), GS (2018), IS (2020), and RC (2021) will use.

  3. Have you even looked at what the affluent audience is buying in coupes? This will fit in just fine.

    Acura is the company that needs to get its s**t together – scratch that. The Honda management needs to get their lazy butts out of Japan and tour the world, talking to people who DIDN"T buy their cars before they make any further disastrous decisions, such as let the RLX continue or push another NSX without having a decent lineup under it FIRST. Acura, at least Lexus has a point of view. Just refinishing an Accord is not a point of view. Its the lack of one.

  4. Obviously targeted at the portion of Corvette's audience that's over 65 — way over. I'm not convinced those retiree's will spend Corvette / Viper money on a Toyota. Or is this a Scion?

  5. The RC was a seamless transition from concept to production (reality), so that isn't correct.

    The 2012 LF-CC was not the 2014 RC concept, but instead a never unveiled hardtop version of the recent 2014 LF-C2 Concept.

    The LF-C2 is a topless, advanced design development of the original RC final design proposal constructed in 2011. The LF-CC was later developed from early/winter to summer 2012 to preview the IS interior and RC interior.

    The LC is identical to the 2012 concepts.

  6. That's strictly your subjective (not objective) opinion, not fact. There are a vast and varying amount of tastes in the marketplace.

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