2016 VW Passat (US)

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 First, let me remind you what VW officially said about the 2016  Passat:
“major facelift”, “new sheet metal, new wheels, headlamps and taillights, more premium interior”.
The picture above shows anything except a “major facelift”.
What it shows is what they did with the Jetta for 2015. Very minute changes that only current owners would be able to spot.
The 2015 Camry, which looked like a new car from most angles, was a major facelift.
Not this!

Sure, there is still some camouflage around the lights. And the hood is more sculpted….

 This is the current model. The one that isn’t doing so well in sales…

Again, the rear (2016 on top) of the car still has some camouflage. So the tail lights will be different and there seems to be a chrome line going across through the lights.
But that’s about it….

Not sure what they were thinking when mentioning a major facelift for 2016.
The Passat needs something more.

What they need is this!
The all new Passat that was introduced in Europe a while ago.
It is 100 times better looking. And it’s larger than ever before. Now only 4 inches shorter than our “big one”. And about an inch shored than an Accord.
And it is a real German car. Something people who buy VWs actually want!

But no… All we get to fix poor sales are new lights and “revised” this and that.

Good luck.

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  1. I do have to agree with you on both points:
    1) This "major facelift" is very disappointing.
    2) The Euro market Passat has quite a bit more German character (although it doesn't exactly wow me either).

    I don't think this typical mid-cycle facelift is going to change the Passat's fortunes in the U.S. market.

  2. If those 2016 pics are accurate, this is pathetic. I actually like the current US boring undesirable Passat more than what I see in those pics.

    VW hates the USA, plain and simple.

  3. In VW's world, moving the logo on the grille by 2 millimetres is a major upgrade. It's major shortcomings were in the handling and fit and finish departments. I hope these will be addressed.

  4. Honestly cannot believe these photos are of a facelifted model… something's got to be wrong!
    Hope so. anyway.

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