Mercedes S-Class Convertible

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I am a big fan of the S-Class coupe. So this is quite amazing to me.
I cannot really imagine this thing looking even better in person, but I am sure it does.

I have to say, this is what I would get if I had the money…

So please. Tell ALL your friends about this
 Once it becomes the most popular car site on the internet, this beauty will be within my reach.

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  1. No rear seat leg room and a soft top — useless. Just like the millions of other "too small for comfort" overpriced convertibles already on the market and missing their sales targets!

  2. When you buy a car like this, you really buy it. 42 people you don’t buy it to carry for 6 people. It’s really a tool seat a car. I have a 2011. Mercedes SE550 and it is a nice. I mean, you can get one in the half completely. But yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t give it up for nothing in the world. I love the car. I love the car. It’s very comfortable in the front and I’ve had a you know, passenger 2 in the bath that you know. I was comfortable sitting back there.Soh I don’t depend on what you mean.It’s a sports car and it’s not a family car so there

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