AutoShow Quick notes: New Cadillac interiors

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 I finally got to sit inside the big CT6. A car that, I think, is such a disappointment in the pictures I had seen to it.
In real life. It is big. And… we’ll. Still disappointing.

It looks really, really boring. And even awkward. (I mean look at that cut line for the trunk!)
There is just zero of the style or flair needed to make this a Cadillac. (Or even a contender)

As for the interior, the one they have on the show floor is really bad. 
I am sure it might look a bit better with the wood. But the one I saw looked just too cheap.
(And look at this boring console design)
The plastics were also just not up to the competition.
It just didn’t look of feel upscale. At all!
Which is trange since Cadillac’s interiors have been really excellent for the past few years.

A small weird note. This looks like a glove compartment, but there was no way to open it.
So I’m not sure it is one. (Maybe an electric switch hidden somewhere?)
But again, it was a cheap feeling piece of place plastic…

 Then I went inside the new XT5 SUV.
The newest of Cadillacs!

And again, the interior is really a step down (or more) from the CTS/ATS.
I mean, I like simple. But a Cadillac needs to be upscale. Just look at the Lincoln MKX interior posted earlier(!)
This just doesn’t cut it.

It seems that while everyone is getting better (Except Audi), Cadillac interiors are getting worse.
I wonder what is going on…

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