2016 Infiniti Q50

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 Very subtle changes fort the Q50 sedan. Nothing anyone will notice.
(2016 on top)

 Same thing inside.

The big news are under the hood.
The old “smooth but thirsty”3.5 Liter is gone.

Now replace by the new 2.0 Liter with 208HP standard.
Or the 3.0 Liter Turbo with 300HP. And a 400HP version is now also available (!) called “Red Sport 400”

The “old” Hybrid version with the 3.5 Liter is somehow still on the menu.

Seems like a lot of changes. making the good looking Q50 even more competitive than before.
And now with Mercedes engines!

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  1. I like the new fascia better. The current one makes the car look from afar as if it is about to take a scoop off the ground. Subtle changes, but in the right direction. I wonder how reliable these new engines will be.

  2. Small changes sometimes make big difference. I like the darker headlight surrounds, that bulge line above the rocker panel leading to the rear bumper side, and flow of the c panel onto the trunk. Nice indeed. Good to see Nissan moving on from the oldie, but great for its time 15 years ago, 3.5. Shiney wood like bits inside…nah. Progress, not perfection.

  3. The interior (dash especially) is too much like the older (2014 & earlier) Hyundai Sonata, for my tastes. It either needs higher quality or a more mature design.

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