2017 GMC Acadia MPG

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GM is claiming 22 city and 28 HWY for the new Acadia with the newly available 2.5 Liter engine.

All I can tell you is: no way.
During a week with the Equinox, (Using that same engine) all I was able to get around town was 18. And yes, around 27/28 on the freeway.
So there is no way this larger SUV is getting 22 in the city.

And, they claim 17/25 for the V6. But wait! The current, 700 pounds heavier one, is rated at 17/24.
That’s right, just a gain of 1 mile per gallon on the freeway.

Imagine all the engineering work it took to gain just 1MPG!

This is really weird, in a bad way. After all these years, an all new model is just getting a 1MPG improvement.
Oh sure, they’ll advertise the hell of that 22/28 number. From an engine almost no one will get.

Very disappointing. Especially since GM has a great, smooth and powerful 2.0 Liter Turbo engine available.

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  1. I hope this means they are scrapping the Equinox. One can only hope but knowing GM's level of complacency they will have no problem continuing to offer mediocre and dated designs.

  2. As you found out, the MPG numbers were highly optimistic. Perhaps with 700lbs less weight, the numbers are now realistic.

  3. @Psychocandy:

    No, a next-gen Equinox and Terrain are still on their way. They'll both be shrinking, however, to more directly compete with their rivals.

  4. I can tell you as a fuel economy engineer that sometimes the MPG numbers remain the same because the previous ratings were bloated.

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