All new Kia Cadenza

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Looking really nice so far.
A conservative but nice update. Looking even more luxurious than the current model.
A new 3.3 Liter engine with over 360HP should be available.

Kia still has the same problem though. No matter who great the car is. Not that many people are willing to spend Lexus money in a Kia, basically…

We’ll see how Hyundai is doing with their new Genesis sub-brand.

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  1. This car starts at $33,000.00 before the $3000.00 rebate. The ES350 starts at $39,000.00. I mean the Optima Tops out at $37,000.00 and they sell plenty of those.

  2. They should really rename it K700 for the US market to help align it with the K900 and indicate it is a higher-end product, instead of being marketed as a slightly larger V6 Optima.

  3. 2016 Lexus ES350 come with a plain old 260hp dohc engine while the Kia K7 comes with a state of the art 360hp TGDI engine.

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