Hyundai Ioniq

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Just a few new pictures. It is still not out yet.

And again, this should be a huge hit. Offering Hybrid, Plug-in and full electric versions.

Since the “ugly as sin” new Prius makes the previous one look like Marilyn Monroe,
the Ioniq should be a welcome addition to the market place.  Something for people who still value a decent looking car.

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  1. while not the most exciting design in the world, but probably one of the most pleasant hybrids out there to date – classy, sporty, and of quality. It does have a lot of design elements from different cars – but it works!!! CONGRATS Hyundai!!!! Regardless of estimate MPG of the Prius, there's simply no excuse for it to look so offensive. This is what a good design looks like!!! Take heed Toyota!

  2. It'll be interesting to see if Hyundai has gotten this right. They haven't had a lot of luck with their alternative fuel vehicles so far. If I want a sporty EV, I'd go for the i3 Rex any day. If I wanted a low priced EV or hybrid, I'd get a Chevy Volt or Ford. I don't think I'd consider a Hyundai based on their track record.

  3. I remember when Honda tried this with the Insight Hybrid which was supposed to take on the Prius. The timing is worse now with gas prices predicted to stay low for a while and possibly go to $1/gallon.

  4. I currently own a 2015 Hyundai Genesis sedan and I love it! Before that one I owned a Sonata and I never had any problems with it either. We don't learn from our errors, when Volkswagen came with the original Beetle to America, the industry laughed at them and you know what happened, they sold like hot cakes!. Toyota came with Lexus in 1989 and the industry laughed at them, 2016 and Lexus is a more respected brand worlwide than any American Luxury Brand. Let's not think that because this car is a Hyundai it'll be a flop, I like the design and Hyundais lately have great quality. I think they'll sell good and just like Vince I hope this car outsells the fugly Prius.

  5. I would only be interested in the electric version, but I would need to see the price and how far it can go on a charge.

  6. "junk is junk" ?
    Funny how JD Powers and many other reputable research firms place Hyundai near the top of quality vehicles.
    -and your research comes from…?

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