2017 Hyundai Ioniq US version

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Still a really good looking car. In my opinion.
I do hope this sells a lot and steals from the new Prius. With its inexcusable ugly design.

But.. The final specs aren’t that great.

As mentioned before, there are there versions.
The regular Hybrid is powered by a 1.6 Liter engine and a 6 speed auto. A total of 139HP
No MPG specs yet.

The Plug-in version has a range of “more than 25 miles”.
Sure, that is better than the new Prius Hybrid’s 22 miles. But we are in 2016!
When a Volt gets over 53 miles on EV mode.
So this is kind of disappointing. Unless it is price really well. Which means much less than the Prius.

Finally, an all electric version is available.
With a 110 miles range. Again, not that great. It matches the latest version of the Leaf.
But an all new Leaf is scheduled for next year.
And the 200 miles Bolt is around the corner.
So again, pricing will be key. This needs to be cheaper than the Leaf equivalent.

The Ioniq seems really cool, but doesn’t bring anything really new. Or more advanced than the competition.

At least it looks good.

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  1. It may not have Volt range but it's projected to get around 57 mpg which is significantly better than Volt. So for longer drives this will do better.

  2. Vince, more electric range = more battery capacity = higher price. Hyundai apparently chose a lower price over more range. The market will decide if that was the correct choice.

  3. Grey on grey? Who chose that car for the promo shots? Seriously? I hope this does well, the Prius isn't something I would want to be seen in.

  4. really handsome. But, I have to admit, despite being approx. 1 million times better looking than the Prius, let's be honest: Its sorta mundane. Still, I believe this is the right path (as opposed to Toyota's freak show approach.)

  5. The exterior is very nice. But the interior is ordinary and painfully uninteresting. I don't really understand these plug-in hybrids that only get 20-something miles as an EV. Especially since EV range can be cut by over 40% by the cold and accessories. For cars like this, being an plug-in EV is just a gimmick and not really very useful, and not very green. Carmakers will need to do much better than this. And I'm not just talking Hyundai.

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