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There is a good looking little crossover, right here.
Very modern. making the old Ford C-Max really.. Old…
Too bad we won’t se this over here either.
Or maybe as a Nissan!

Who knows….

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  1. One of the best vehicles @ Genoa. Very practical.Glad to see Renault ditching MPV design in favor of crossovers.Planned to order the new Megane IV,but this has changed my mind.

  2. This thing is very cool looking. Like a mini space-pod.

    C-Max is more stately.

    Two different aesthetics, man. C'mon.

  3. I've always liked french cars. Even if they dont match Japanese for reliability or Germans for driving solidity. What they do offer, many times, is a step ahead in their interior and exterior packaging. I keep hoping Renault will make a bigger design impression on Nissan.

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