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This is something else we are not getting here, as this is for Brazil.
But, it still looks pretty interesting.

It is small and pretty cheap. About the size of a regular Fiat 500.
And about $12,500.
( I would have thought, being for Brazil, this would be even cheaper)

And its actually kind of cute.

I think Fiat needs to really re-thing what they are selling in the US. The 500 L is a disaster.
On so many fronts.
And the 500 is getting old, really.
So why not this?

What do you think?

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  1. Seat graphics look horid If they were to sell this in the US make it a Chrylser product not to canablize the 500X or Renegade. It would fill in the hole that the soon departed Dart couldn't would fill demograhically.

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